Bolivia plans to ban Coca-Cola

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The Mayan's prophecy that the end is near has turned into reality for Coca-Colain Bolivia. President Evo Morales decided to ban the additively delicious soda from his country starting December 21st. This new form of "prohibition" South American style is directed towards what Morales considers the symbol of capitalism. 

"Unfortunately all of us drinkCoca-Cola," Morales said during a speech in front of a crowd. "But Coca-Cola is harmful". 

December 21st is not a random date. It's actually the end of the Mayan calendar. Morales wants to use this populist measure as a new symbolic step towards the institution of a communal society. Confused? Yes, he wants it to be like the Inca Empire. 

How ironic! On one hand Bolivia prohibits Coke, while at the same time it's one of the largest exporters of cocaine worldwide. 

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