Closing Comments: Faith No More


I've spoken about the arrogance of man before and no surprise, it still exists.

Recently when I’ve been with groups of people, when the subject of god comes up, I’ve been amazed at how quick people are to laugh, and make jokes and discredit any possibility that there is a supreme being.

While we as humans have the right to believe what we want and are free to openly express those opinions, I do believe that completely dismissing the possibility of a creator or "god" showcases an arrogance that borderlines on ignorance, which basically says, "I (whoever) one solitary human speck of life in a universe, the size of which man doesn't know definitively, the boundaries of which no one has physically seen, where earth, floats among many other planets, many we've never been to and some we haven't discovered yet, know definitively that there's no possible way...there is any being or anything out there smarter than me anywhere!”

That’s the arrogance of man. As you wouldn't refer to an African-American using an offensive, ignorant word, or make an anti-Semitic comment to a Jewish person you call your friend, a little sensitivity to those of us that do believe in god would be appreciated and returned in kind.

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