Closing Comments: The Pledge


I attended the Conroe Independent School Districts, "Celebrate our Schools" assembly in The Woodlands. An in-service day for teachers to prepare them for the upcoming year.

Some called it, CISD Superintendent Don Stockton's pep rally for teachers, encouraging them to make things better. Yeah maybe, but all businesses do it. 

There was a moment at the event that moved me! There were about 4,000 educators in attendance.  Individuals that have dedicated their lives to teach, role model and take part in raising our children.  When Superintendent Stockton asked everyone to rise for the pledge of allegiance and everyone stood up, I got a lump in my throat!  You know the words, but to look around at 4,000 people standing with their hands over their hearts pledging their loyalty and respect to the United States of America; a simple act of patriotism that despite our political, religious or racial differences, we're all together on? I teared up! Somehow it felt bigger than hearing the national anthem.  Maybe because we hear the anthem so much at sporting events it just goes by us. I am proud of our teachers and wish you all a great school year, but I also want to say that I love this country!  To borrow from CISD superintendent Don Stockton, let's all make things better!  Right now we need too.

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