Chipotle stops keeping customers' change

Superman (fictional character)Chipotle Mexican Grill

Poor penny! Vending machines won’t take ‘em...hell, even Canada got rid of ‘em. It seems like just about everyone hates the puny piece of copper.

Until they’re taken away from us!

According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, Chipotle Mexican Grill has been rounding customers’ tabs up to the nearest nickel.

So, for example, if your total came out to be $10.74, Chipotle would round up to $10.75.


Haven’t we seen this penny pilfering scheme before?

Chipotle supposedly rounds down, too.

If your total is $10.41, the tab would be rounded down to an even $10.40.

That’s a one-cent discount!

Chipotle has confessed to the cheating scandal, saying they only do this at busy locations in New York and New Jersey, in order to keep the "lines moving quickly."

Is this making cents to you yet?

Now that their little secret is out, the company says they will only round down in favor of the customer.

Chipotle says they’ve never profited from this practice, but if we’ve learned anything from watching 'Office Space' or 'Superman 3'...every penny counts.

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