Clemens steroid trial bores jurors to sleep

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The retrial of former Astros pitcher Roger Clemens drags on into week seven... and for what?

You and I are paying for government court costs while defense lawyer Rusty Hardin belittles trainer Brian McNamee every chance he gets. He got McNamee to admit to lying to Hardin's investigators, to the feds... to pretty much everyone.

Alright, Rusty, he's a proven liar. We get it. Some folks think Clemens is, too, including his best friend, Andy Pettitte who testified "the Rocket" told him he took HGH (human growth hormone).

Roger says Andy "misremembered."  Uhhh... is the best ya got? At this rate, it just might do.

Jurors have been complaining about being bored and even nodding off in court. Two were kicked off the jury for sleeping during the trial. Today, they listened to a beer can expert. Better stock up on no-doze, guys. The judge has cleared his schedule for June.

The case boils down to this-- McNamee says he has the bloody syringes through which he gave Clemens steroids. Clemens says he never took them, but he would say anything to save his baseball record, right?  Meanwhile, Hardin's doing everything he can to bore the jurors to sleep one by one until there's nobody left to convict Clemens.

All the while, Rusty gets richer, Roger loses respect and the deficit goes up as we pay for the government proceedings. America-- what a country!!

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