The dreaded commencement speech

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I couldn't tell you what the commencement speaker said at my high school graduation...don't remember who it was.  At my graduation from Syracuse University the Gov. "at the time" of New Jersey Thomas H. Keen, said to "strive to do great things and be ashamed if you quit." Or something like that?

I know I would have remembered it for sure if like at the Wellsley High graduation the speaker, in this case, English teacher David McCullough Jr. said "I wasn't special!!" Best commencement speech ever! 

The coddled, overly-protected, patronized, lied to, self-entitled brats of today needed to hear that message if they have any chance of taking a good left hook from the world of hard knocks and getting up! Some critical of the teachers remarks say on their "special day" that wasn't the time to say something so cruel and heartless to grads. Yeah?!  I think it’s exactly the right time to let'em know life is hard and that they still have a lot of work to do to compete. A high school graduate’s life battle has just begun!  Parents, teachers, please let your children grow up!!!  No surprise, the school has now flipped the script and is running a contest where kids can submit a video that showcases why "they are" special!  Idiotic fraidy'cat bullcrap to blow more smoke up the butts of glass blown children! Oh look at it like another trophy that has absolutely nothing to do with succeeding in life! 

It’s hard to watch your kids cry or endure their hearts being broken, but tough love is essential for life lessons to occur! To all the recent high school grads reading…you're not special either! Sorry!  

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