Expansion Project At Ellington Field

DefenseJohn ElliottArmed Forces

The sound of military aircrafts and construction equipment indicate that Ellington Airport, more commonly known as Ellington Field, is alive and well.

Its recent boom was part of the buzz at a special outreach luncheon today between local businesses and military reservists.

"In Houston we have all the refineries and the Ship Channel, it's a major target of terrorists," said Major Gen. Ret. Jerry D. Icenhower, chairman of the Texas Committee of Employer Support of the Guard Reserve. "Having this base here… is great for Homeland Security."

Since it's opening in 1917, Ellington had been in danger of being shut down several times as recently as six years ago. But an outpour of community support help to save the historic airfield.

"It's basically being built in three phase," said Lt. Col John Elliott, Deputy Division Engineer.

Currently in the middle of the its largest construction project in over 30 years, Ellington Airport recently opened a Joint Reserve Base and is currently in its phase 2 construction for about 9 more buildings including an Armed Forces Center.

Officials say the total cost of the expansion project is worth about $60 million.

Local residents say they're happy to see the historic airfield still going strong, and that the expansion project will definitely help boost the local economy.

"There are a lot of jobs out here and the local community benefits by it," said Icenhower.

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