Former Penn State president claims he was abused as a child

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Jerry Sandusky`s on the highway to hell and he`s pretty much taken the entire Penn State legacy along for the ride, including former university president Graham Spanier.

Spanier who for the first time since getting the ax after the scandal broke is speaking out, and what does he have to say?

He too was abused as a child. Although he claims the abuse came at the hand of his strict father, Spanier says he was never abused sexually.

In a letter written to the board of trustees, the former Penn State President uses his troubled childhood as a way to back up his claim he`d never turn a blind eye to child abuse.

Unlucky for him, emails discovered by the FBI kind of blew that story out of the water.

Spanier had an excuse for that too, saying the month he was supposedly taking part in these email chains with Tim Curley and Gary Shultz, Spanier was simply too busy to realize what was really going on.

'I had five out of town trips that month, my appropriations hearings, thon, a packed calendar with 164 appointments, an average of 100 incoming and 50 outgoing emails a day, and the turmoil of the black caucus disruption and the takeover of the student union.'

So busy he blew right past the claims of a young boy being raped in his university`s locker room?

Abused as a kid of not, Spainer is going to have to come up with something a little more original to get out of this negative spot light.

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