Furniture On the Cheap

The Home Incorporated

Whether you're decorating a new home or simply updating your existing one, there are ways to get quality furniture without running up your credit cards, but as with most deals, you do need to have some patience.
If you're on a budget, the internet is a great place to find pieces.  At  for example you can save up to 60% off brand new pieces.  On other sites like and, you can get used furniture for free, though you will want to make sure you check it out in person, if possible, to make sure you're really getting a deal and not trash.

The habitat resale store is another great place to find discounts.  You won't just find, it has new cabinets, tile and wood flooring and even bath and kitchen products like sinks, toilets and tubs. "The big box stores - hardware stores - we're running about 15 -20% less on brand new products," says Jim Culkin of the Habitat Resale store.

About 40% of the products are new, others are leftovers donated from contractors or homeowners who are remodeling.  Purchases here aren't just good deals, you're also helping habitat.  Last year, proceeds from the store helped build four new houses.

Thrift stores can also be a good way to find some quality, used pieces.  Now, you will probably have to visit several stores and even go back a few times, but your patience can help you find some really inexpensive, one- of- a- kind pieces. "There's little treasures its amazing what people give away like antiques - very valuable," says Paula Poust of Thrift Cottage.

When browsing thrift stores, allow yourself to be a little creative.  Think about how quality pieces could be repainted, stained or updated with new hardware.  If you're not handy, a lot of stores like Lowe's and Home Depot offer free do it yourself classes.
At Thrift Cottage, proceeds from sales benefits the Women's Home, a treatment center for women struggling with chemical dependencies, so you purchases are not only helping you save money, but going back into the community.  "The past three years 89% almost 90% participate in program for 6 months or longer leave with employment," says Poust.

Another way to find great deals is watching out for sample sales. Periodically large furniture stores will have deep discounts on discontinued furnishings that's been used in showrooms.

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