Couple Feeding Homeless May Receive Permit

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We first told you about the Herrings Tuesday night. They spent many nights feeding hundreds of Houston's homeless until the city put a stop to it. On Wednesday morning, the couple went to City Hall to fight for their right to continue their charity work.

At first they were heart-broken because they were told the possibility of them getting a permit was slim to none but they got a big surprise.

Bobby and Amanda Herring stood before city council, but they would rather stand in front of Houston's homeless. Their "Feed a Friend" charity work came to a stop after city leaders said they needed a permit to feed the homeless. On Wednesday, they received good news.

"We're drafting an ordinance that I think you would be pleased with," said Wanda Adams, council member district D.

Adams heard about the couple's charity. She's now hoping to work closely with the Herrings to help their cause.

"I commend anyone to do what you do to step out of the box and show a heart," said Adams.

The Herring couple began their foundation with about 12 others. They cooked the meals at home and then delivered the food to San Jacinto and Commerce. That was the problem.

"What we are looking for is a kitchen that is certified [so that] you would be able to partner with [and] probably go to prepare the meals and still be able to do what you want to do," said Adams.

Other council members even encouraged the couple to submit their suggestions.

"It's good to know that it's important to them," said Bobby Herring.

Overall, the Herrings were pleased. Outside chambers, they exchanged information with health department leaders.

"They are going to offer free training so that we will be certified in whatever needs to happen for us to continue our work," said Bobby Herring.

Both feel it's a step in the right direction to continue doing what they say, is a calling from above.

"I come from a life that's not far removed from the street life and I want every single homeless person to feel significant," said Amanda Herring.

The draft of the ordinance may come in February. The mayor will then review it and it will then go through the legal department.

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