What Kids Really Want this Holiday Season

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Parents who are worried about what to get the kids this holiday season can relax: HISD students at Longfellow Elementary School released the results Thursday of their annual survey of what gifts children really want and discussed what gifts adults should avoid because they are "not cool."

As is their custom every year, the fifth graders at HISD's Longfellow Elementary divided up into survey teams and hit the playgrounds, hallways and lunchroom to survey elementary school children about their thoughts on holiday gifts this year. HISD's friends from Target brought examples of the gifts to the kids' news conference to help enlighten the media and parents. After the press conference, Target generously donated the displayed items to the school.

Fifth-graders at Longfellow surveyed all the other kids at the school to see what gifts are "hot" for each age group this year and shared their Top 10 list.

And the survey says….Top suggestions for 2009 holiday season10-Liv Doll items (younger girls)9- Bakugan or Transformers Starter Sets (younger boys)8- Food-making toys7- Ice Age 3 DVD6- Board games (like Monopoly 3D)5- Arts & Crafts sets4- Watches and jewelry3- Regular or themed Legos2- Gift Cards1- Kids digital camera

Samples of the toys were provided for the press conference by Target. The top two on the list were a dead heat statistic-wise, but according to the kids, their survey subjects were more verbally animated when discussing the digital camera than the gift cards.

Bearing in mind that many families are strapped for cash this holiday season due to the recession, the children also discussed ways their parents could be frugal in getting the children's presents and decided upon a survey price range in the $25 neighborhood. One popular idea that didn't make it onto the Top 10 list was refurbished iShuffles.

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