Sex & The City 2: Sex Is Just As Fabulous and Fun

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Let me just say ... I had low expectations going into the "Sex & The City" sequel. The first film was soooo good, but those trailers for "Sex & The City 2," so bad. But perhaps that was a way to throw fans, just as SJP and crew did during the shooting of the second film. They staged Kim Cattrall in a wedding gown just to keep us guessing. By the way Cattrall didn't walk down the aisle. No marriage for her... although she deals with another big "M." You'll have to see the film to find out. No spoilers here.

What I will tell you is this film is more true to the HBO series than the first film. The first "Sex & The City" movie was a real drama. I cried so much, and still cry when I watch it every weekend whether on cable or my own personal DVD copy. Sure there were funny moments, but that's where the sequel picks up. It returns to the witty humor that made the show a hit. The sequel is hilarious including the big wedding at the start of the film complete with Liza Minelli covering Beyonce's Single Ladies. Who knew Manelli still had it in her? Look for other celeb cameos too, including Penelope Cruz, Tim Gunn, and Miley Cyrus.

And what's sex without the men in NYC's favorite BFF's lives. There are old and new loves, most notably the return of Carrie's ex Aidan, played by John Corbett. Does Carrie get carrie'd away with him? It could be a "big" problem if she does. Still, I'm keeping my lips zipped.

And just as these ladies love their guys, they love their Gucci and other designers; although, this time they go more shek than chic. The sequel takes them to the Arab Emirates, the current epi-center of luxury and decadence, at the same time modesty. The ladies cover up in their own way in floor grazing strapless gowns with terrific turbans in a kaleidoscope of colors. They prove the desert isn't the only thing hot... their wardrobe is on fire in this film.

In large part it's the clothes that keep fans coming back. The character Carrie Bradshaw made us all better dressers and all believers in a fictional life now to be relished in only on film. So, will there be more films in the franchise? I think there's enough material and Manolos to crank out films for years to come.

"Sex & The City 2" is rated R and it's a Mia must see movie.

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