Scientist Find Breakthrough In Cancer Research

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It`s a good week if you have cancer. Good, because new research suggests you may not have to deal with the illness.

Scientists discovered that a drug called Aromasin, used to treat breast cancer, may also prevent it.  Women in the high risk category could possibly reduce their chances of getting breast cancer by taking a drug that is used to block estrogen, the fueling force behind breast cancer cells. Researchers say that during their study, high risk women took the drug for three years and reduced their risk by 65%.

Also, two new treatment options for patients with a deadly form of melanoma were announced in Chicago at a cancer conference. The drugs cause cancer tumors to shrink and can prolong survival rates. One drug called Yervoy, triggers the immune system to fight off the tumors and the other drug, Vemurafenib targets a specific mutation involved in the formation of skin tumors.  About 68,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed every year in the U.S.

Good news on the medical front and considering Houston  is one of the best places in the country to get sick, chances are if you have a cancer crisis you may not have to drive far to get help.

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