Conrad Murray loses medical license

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Talk about a weird family re-union. James DeBarge, Janet Jackson’s former husband, landed in the Los Angeles County Jail after his bust on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and drug possession.

Cops tossed him in a cell a few feet from Conrad Murray, the Houston doctor convicted in the death of former bro-in-law Michael Jackson.  Since both guys are celebrities, of sorts, they get kept away from the regular riff-raff. It’s called Administrative Segregation.

If bunking next to a DeBarge is not punishment enough, the Texas Medical Board has suspended Murray’s license to practice in the state. And that’s about as good as being revoked.

Before killing the king of pop with a fatal dose of the anesthetic Propofol in June 2009, Murray would come to Houston, to Acres Homes, where he ran a clinic a few days a month. And the folks up there still like the guy.

'I don’t feel like it’s fair,' said John Mitchell, an Acres Home resident. 'Dr. Murray was a good physician. He done a lot for Acres Home. I think everyone deserves a second chance.'

Guess it takes more than killing a pop icon to make your patients have second thoughts about you.

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