Montgomery County Grille claims to be haunted

Restaurant and Catering Industry

The Montgomery County Grille in Magnolia has something most restaurants don’t...spirits.

Not liquor, the paranormal kind.

Many of the employees have had odd occurrences that they believe are paranormal like doors opening and closing and light switching off and on.

Yeah...That ain’t normal!

Tracy’s a cook and he’s had the most experiences while alone, on the morning shift.

“All the sudden this swinging door swings all the way open...and closes,” says Tracy. “There’s no airflow in this restaurant to create anything like that.”

“Next thing you know I see this clunk, clunk somebody stepping across the door in the hallway. I’m like oh, Charles must be here. Charles is nowhere to be found.”

Don’t even ask him about the pots that flew across the room.

“It’s been reported by people driving by the front of the business that sworn they’ve seen a silhouette of a lady.”

Consider her advertising, because it looks like customers want a taste of the paranormal. Business is up 30% in the last week.

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