GOP Palooza

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It`s been quite the stormy season for Republican presidential hopefuls. Donald Trump`s hair billowing in the gusts of controversy, the smell of Herman Cain's delicious pizza wafting about, Newt Gingrich getting glitter bombed.

But potential voters have made their choice loud and clear: 'guy-next-door Republican' is their guy.

A recent Gallup poll found Mike Huckabee leading the pack followed by Mitt Romney. Huckabee isn't even running!

What about the blandest candidate of them all, Tim Pawlenty?

With Huckabee out of the race maybe the former Minnesota governor will get some love.

Pawlenty, or T-Paw, made the obvious official in a web video stating: "We're going to have to do more than give fancy speeches, we've had three years of that, and it's not working. Join me tomorrow, and in the days and weeks ahead. You won't hear empty promises, you'll hear solutions."

The flavor of this campaign could be vanilla.

There is also talk of humble Congressman Ted Poe joining the race. For the record Poe is not running, but that isn`t stopping rabid fans from taking to the internet to change his mind.

In a field overflowing with who's who and who's that Republicans are no doubt waiting for candidates to stop jumping in the ring and start whittling down the number of contenders who can take on President Obama.

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