First trampoline park in the Bayou City

Does this place look fun or what? It's called Sky Zone, and is the first trampoline park of its kind to land in the Bayou City.

"It's very comparable and even less expensive than a lot of the times when you go to a movie," Don Dean, the local Sky Zone owner, said.

Whether it's jumping around for a little 3D dodge ball or showing off your dunking skills at the basketball hoop, talk about a great workout for everyone.

"We also have skyrobics for all ages where you can get a thousand calories for an hour burned off," said Dean.

Doesn't it remind you of those days of jumping around on that trampoline in the backyard? 

"I remember jumping on the trampoline when I was little," said Mara Lou, who was at the grand opening with her son. "It'll be exciting just to get all the burnt energy out and have him go to sleep at night."

"You take that backyard trampoline and now you can go indoors," said Rick Stepp, a Missouri City, Texas, native. "And it's a way to get the kids excited and have fun. It also wears them out."

Youngsters have something to say about adults who think they can jump on the trampoline like them.

"I think the kids can jump higher because they weigh less than the parents," said 8-year-old Cade, who's a trampoline specialist.

"The adults don't have as much energy. They're too old," said 13-year-old Boo Murray with a smile.

Boo's friend Matthew Naquin agreed. "Yeah, I just don't think they're as agile."

Not as agile? Ouch. Thanks kids.

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