Loney returns home for some yard work at Minute Maid Park

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Dodgers first baseman James Loney greeted family and friends with his first home run of the season on Saturday, April 21, helping Los Angeles to its 5-1 victory over the Astros.

A huge lift for Loney after going hitless in his first 16 at-bats. How sweet was that moment?

"Having fun with it; that's the main thing for me, you know, enjoying it, being out there and, you know, not worrying about the results," said Loney.

Last season Loney posted quality results with 11 home runs for the Dodgers. The pride of Elkins High School credits its baseball program for his success.

"We actually won the national championship my senior year," said Loney. "We actually got to play one game here [Minute Maid Park] before the state championship."

Loney said he doesn't mind the glitz and glamour demands of playing and living in Los Angeles, but admits he misses Houston's Southern hospitality.

"My parents still live around Missouri City," said Loney. "I have a house out in Sugar Land. It's a town house actually."

You have to wonder how many ticket requests Loney received from family and friends before the Dodgers-Astros series?

"It's usually between like 10 or 15 [when I return home] so it's not too bad," said Loney smiling.

As it turns out, all those on the ticket list showed up at just the right time.

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