'New car smell' could kill you


The smell of a brand new car is unmistakable -- and it could mean your doom!

The Ecology Center, a California environmental action group, released a study this week saying that "new car smell" is caused by toxic chemicals given off by the plastic, vinyl and leather in new cars. These chemicals can include lead, acetone and benzene that can adversely affect your liver and reproductive organs and even give you cancer.

While some car manufacturers say people are exposed to those same chemicals all over the place, others, like Ford, are making efforts to come up with alternative products that would not give off volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) and would absorb the toxins given off by other substances.

Until those greener materials go into common use, researchers suggest new car owners make sure to keep fresh air circulating through their vehicles for at least the first six months they have it.

While rolling down the windows may mess up your hair, it may also save your life.

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