Preacher says tornado victims didn't pray enough

Tornadoes and Wind StormsPat Robertson

The nation’s heartland continues to pick up the pieces following a series of tornadoes that destroyed whole families and entire towns. At least 42 twisters raged through ten states, killing 39 people, including an Indiana family of five. The 14-month old daughter was taken off of life support Sunday.

TV preacher Pat Robertson is creating his own storm with words some see as lacking in Christian compassion. Robertson suggested to his 700 Club viewers that God might have stayed the storms if the victims had prayed more.

'If enough people were praying, he would have intervened. You can still storms,' Robertson said.

But he didn’t stop there, actually blaming the victims for building their homes in Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. 'God doesn’t send tornadoes to hurt people. We call them acts of God, but they're not.  All I can say is, why do you build houses where tornadoes are apt to happen?'

Robertson’s questionable compassion for victims of natural disasters is well-known. After the hurricane that devastated Haiti, Robertson opined that a centuries-old pact with Satan was to blame for the hurricane and other hardships experienced by the Haiti’s people.

'They got together and swore a pact to the Devil,' he told his TV audience. 'They said, `We will serve you, if you`ll get us free from the French.` True story.'

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