Rockets excited about acquiring Derek Fisher and Marcus Camby

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The Rockets score big at the NBA trade deadline by adding one of the most dangerous three-point shooters in the league: former Lakers guard Derek Fisher.

Fisher, who's better known as the man with five championship rings, was traded to the Rockets for Jordan Hill on Thursday, March 15.

Unbelievable is what Lakers fans in Los Angeles are saying about the magnitude of losing Fisher.

"That's pretty disappointing," said one man sitting at a restaurant near Staples Center.

Another Lakers response?

"He's done such an amazing job for the Lakers. It's hard to see why they would do that."

One woman described Fisher as "the staple" -- not Kobe Bryant -- of the Lakers organization and rightfully so.

Disappointment in Los Angeles about the staple of the Lakers now gone, but excitement in Houston.

"Fish has been in the game for so long and knows exactly what he's doing," Kevin McHale, the Rockets head coach, said.

Courtney Lee, a Rockets shooting guard, said "with Fisher, whether it works out or not, I mean, you have a great leader that's coming in here. A guy that knows the game. A guy that can pass a lot of knowledge down.

What are the chances of Fisher actually showing up in a Rockets uniform at Toyota Center?

"I think that would be a comment," Daryl Morey, who's the Rockets general manager, said with a smile. "I wouldn't be able to address that."


The Rockets said goodbye to local Cypress Christian High School product, Hasheem Thabeet, who has relatives still living in the Bayou city.

Houston sent Thabeet, Jonny Flynn as well as a future second-round pick to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for center Marcus Camby.

"I hated to leave Portland, Ore.," Camby, who just finished building a home in Pearland, Texas, said.

"I'm just trying to bring some veteran leadership [to the Rockets.] You know, I know they needed more bigs down here and [the plan is to] just do what I do. Just try to come in here and fit in and just try to be a leader."

"It's huge, you know, he's been doing it for a long time. [Whether it's] blocking shots, rebounds, he can step out; he can make jumpers," Chandler Parsons, a Rockets forward, said.

"[We're] excited to add Marcus to the team for our playoff push, and we also were able to pick up, you know, a draft pick; a first-round pick that we think will help us upgrade in the future," Morey said.

It's nice to see the Rockets believe in and admire what Fisher brings to the table because the Lakers obviously don't.

If Fisher does suit up in red, all he needs to do is help Houston win a championship right?

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