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Elmo and Cookie Monster stop by the NewsFix studio

Arts and CultureBig Bird (fictional animal)

Some of us are big Star Wars fans, some of us prefer Captain Kirk and Star Trek's Spock; and some of us would identify with Wonder Woman.  But if there is anything in this world that everybody loves, that is Sesame Street.  

Elmo, Big Bird and the rest of the gang are back in Houston to bring their live show to the Reliant Arena., but before that, they're here for a Sesame Fix edition.    

"Elmo and his friends get a new music teacher on Sesame Street", said Jeffrey Johnson, Performance Director of "Elmo makes music".  "However, when she shows up the truck with her music instruments doesn't make it there.”

If you thought your inner child was missing, go see Sesame Street: you will probably find him or her still smiling and having a great time. Oh, and don't forget to take your own children with you. 

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