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X-Men: First Class, is the latest comic book movie hitting the multiplexes this summer, but it's the behind the scenes stories of this blockbuster that is making Hollywood buzz.

One clue for the excitement comes from the nickname given to the film by its crew; sex-men. The Daily Beast reports there was a whole lot of hooking up going on when the cameras stopped rolling.

The sparks flew on set and off with actress Jennifer Lawrence (who plays the blue-all-over mystique in the film) and her co-star Nicholas Hoult (playing the equally blue, beast).

Also seeing action are Michael Fassbender and Zoe Kravitz the not so little any more daughter of Lenny Kravitz and former Cosby show kid Lisa Bonet.

January is known as a cold month, but the very hot January Jones is steaming up fan-boys spectacles with her spectacular rendition of the lingerie wearing Emma Frost. A role she was built to play.

The now knocked-up Jones was rumored to be getting a little "extra" off screen direction from X-Men's director (a married man) Matthew Vaughn.

The two have denied the accusations, but with "First Class" being the fourth movie of the series, it will be sure to spawn some more.

Legitimate or "illegitimate" sequels.

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