Mountain lion attacks 6-year-old

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Cats: They’re pretty sneaky no matter the size and nobody wants to be on the receiving end of those sharp claws.

No one knows that better than the Hobbs family.

They drove in from Austin hoping to take in the beauty of Big Bend National Park when all hell broke loose.

A mountain lion snuck up on their 6-year-old son and attacked his face.

“The cat was clamped on his face,” says the boys’ father Jason Hobbs. “Reached down and got my pocket knife out and stabbed the cat in the chest and it let go at that point.”

Scary, right?

But despite the gruesome scars from surgery...this brave boy says he didn’t cry once.

“We're lucky he's gonna get away with some scars and it didn't take his eye or get his neck or anything."

 Yeah, real lucky.

A rep with the Big Bend National Park said there were not one but two mountain lion attacks that day in the same area.

Uh, let’s just hope they get that problem solved before any of you take your kids there for spring break!

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