Nurse murders mother, kidnaps newborn

Borough Park

We’re slowly finding out what happened yesterday in a story that has the whole nation asking 'why.'

What started out as a routine trip to the doctor for Kala Golden and her newborn son, ended in the worst way imaginable.

Montgomery County sheriff`s detectives say Kala and her 3-day-old son Keenan had just come out of the doctor’s office on Borough Park drive near The Woodlands when she was confronted by Verna McClain.

Witnesses say Golden had just put her son into her pick-up truck when McClain approached her and started arguing. They say McClain shot Golden before pulling the baby out of the truck.

Golden apparently tried to rescue her son, but authorities say McClain sped away in her Lexus, running over Golden in the process.

Golden died later at a hospital. The baby was found unharmed several hours later at the home of one of McClain’s relatives in spring.

'She (McClain) did have a miscarriage. She needed to justify having a child to her son-to-be fiancé. They were going to get married in May, and she had led him to believe that she was pregnant and had a child. So, she needed to produce a child,' explained Capt. Bruce Zenor, of the Montgomery County Sheriff`s Office.

Investigators say the shooting and kidnapping were random events, and that McClain had not stalked Golden.

Golden’s husband, Keith Schuchardt, had little to say to reporters. 'It’s just wrong. I don’t see how you can take someone’s life for something. Like my wife herself, she’s had miscarriages, you know. And she didn’t run off and go take someone’s baby and someone else’s life.'

Hard and sad days ahead for everyone.

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