What is Parkour?

KIAHWeston (Broward, Florida)

This is parkour (pronounced "park-or") free running... Most people have never heard about this growing sport or how incredibly difficult this is...These guys make it look so easy because they practice these acrobatic stunts every weekend.

Shae Perkins, League City resident - "it's just flips and climbing. that's the simplest way to put it. in Casino Royale there's a guy named Sabastien Foucan doing it. about 20 years ago with about seven, eight, nine 10 more guys developed a group called yamakasi, and yamakasi developed parkour."

This group says the bayou city has one of the largest parkour devotees in the country.

Shae Perkins, also said "When I first started training in Houston it was like four guys. Within like four almost five years, we probably have 100 guys throughout the weekend."

Devon Weston, South Florida native - "It's all about finding your own way to get through something or finding your own way, or your own flow, to be able to just move over an obstacle."

Juan Cernada, Houston native - "We want to do our own thing, not to conform to the norm, you know."

"Here we are downtown every Saturday at noon to anyone that wants to come train with us; we're here at tranquility park downtown from noon to whenever the last guy leaves."

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