Wilbur's Way

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Things are heating up for Wilbur the little potbellied pig involved in a bitter name calling battle up in Spring.

The home owners association for the Thicket Subdivision is calling him livestock and the Sardo family is calling him a beloved pet.

The HOA is sticking to their guns by calling Wilbur swine, and there for livestock.

According to HOA reasoning, if cats are felines and felines can equal all sorts wild kitties like lions and tigers. Should we start banning cats?

And how about man’s best friend? Dogs are canines, so are wolves and coyotes.

We've asked president of the HOA Larry Cronin to respond, but have not heard from him.

We've also tried to talk to the neighbor who initially squealed on Wilbur to the HOA, but his tongue was hog tied.

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