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Montgomery County has launched OffenderWatch, It's a new tool to help parents protect their kids from sex offenders. The registry allows anyone to look up sex offenders in the county.

Montgomery County say it's their priority to make sure these sex offenders comply with the courts. So just how are they making sure they register to keep the website up to speed?

It's another day on the job for Srgt. Buck Clendennen. He's on the search for sex offenders in Montgomery County's Pct. 4.

"For example this one has had some sort of sexual contact with a female 13 years of age," said Srgt. Clendennen.

He has a list of registered sex offenders.

"Hi Mr. Herrera how are you," said Srgt. Clendennen. "I'm here for a sex offender compliance check."

He goes door to door making checks to make sure the sex offenders actually live in the address they've provided.

"I've probably been on this beat for ten years at least," said Srgt. Clendennen.

While Srgt Clendennen is sweeping the streets now parents like Mary Whiseanant can check from home.

"Sure it's a good tool," said Whiseanant.

A new tool called OffenderWatch where anyone can enter their zip code and even sign up for their email alert system.

Whiseanant knows times have changed.

"My kids don't go anywhere," said the mother. "I'm sitting there watching them."

Even if her children can't go out to play without her watchful eye, she knows she can now keep an eye on her neighborhood.

"They're everywhere I mean you can't get away from them," said Whiseanant.

"It's important for these folks to know who lives in their neighborhoods and who may come in contact with their children," said Srgt. Clendennen.

The information on OffenderWatch is updated daily. I'ts free and there's no limit to the number of addresses you can register. Click on the link below to visit the site:

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