Online Dish: Cowboys' Player Proposes By Mail, Wants Ring Returned to Sender

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One Dallas Cowboys' player needs to work on his game, and I'm talking about off the field.

Wide receiver, Roy Williams, was dating Miss Texas, Brooke Daniels. Back in February, a time of year when players hope to be winning rings of their own, he decided to buy a $76,000 engagement ring for Daniels. But Williams didn't personally "put a ring on it", instead he decided to mail it to Daniels!

In a Valentine's Day care package to Daniels, he mailed her the rock along with these items:

1. $5,000 for school and dental bills2. a signed baseball for Daniels' brother3. a recorded marriage proposal

How romantic! No surprise after that proposal, Daniels said No! Wonder if she sent him a letter via snail mail? But she did keep one thing, the ring. Williams allegedly told her to keep the ring because, "You'll eventually come back to me."

Um, she didn't and neither did the ring. Well now Williams wants it back. But there's one problem, Daniels said she lost it. So, Williams filed a lawsuit against her and her father.

Her father, Michael Daniels said in a phone interview, "that although he has documentation that Williams initially told his daughter to keep the ring, he will return it to avoid a lawsuit. Daniels didn't specify when or how the ring would be returned."

Mr. Daniels also said the two never told Williams the ring was lost and said that he had it all along.

According to court documents, the matter is now whether the ring was a gift or should be returned to Williams.

State farm says the matter is 'not covered' under the football stars existing policy.

Not to mention Williams is cheap. According to's Jean-Jacques Taylor, he should've forked over a lot more. Taylor calculated that Williams should've spent $1.5 million because he made $9 million with the Cowboys last season.

"He spent less than one percent on Miss Texas," Taylor said of Williams not shelling out two months of his yearly salary. "Shame on you."

What do you think about the proposal and should Daniels have to give the ring back?

@DJCBS25 tweets: @maggiesworld haha leave it to a dallas cowgirl to send a ring in the mail!! Us True TEXANS would never do that! She should give it back tho, she obviously said no

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