Rockets Fans Disappointed But Grateful

Houston RocketsAaron BrooksShane Battier

Rockets fans came to Toyota Center with their game faces on Sunday afternoon. Nearly 4,000 fans settled into their seats and prepared to watch the hometown team beat the L.A. Lakers in game seven of the series.

"With our star players out that just shows the grit and determination this team has with a bunch of these young players," said Trenton Guilbeau, one of the thousands of fans who came for the watch party.

"We have some leadership that stepped up in Shane Battier , Aaron Brooks, and Luis Scola just playing the way they are playing. If they can continue to play the way they are there is no reason why this team should be beaten today," said Guilbeau.

But, the excitement of the first quarter changed into anxious prayer by the third. Still fans held out hope for a turn around.

"We still have a chance!" said Ruthie Leal in the third quarter of the game.

Other fans stayed to end not wanting to miss a minute of the final game despite the scoreboard.

"It's a little bit disappointing, but I am a big fan. So I'm going to stay until the end," said Clinton McClore.

The end of the road for the Houston Rockets came in Los Angeles. But fans were appreciative of the run.

"To get this far I am very proud of them. They should be proud of themselves too," said Jewels Alvaro.

The season now over, fans are looking forward to next year and another run at the championship trophy.

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