Roger Clemens pitches to his son for season opener

Roger ClemensLong Island Ducks

It could be the father/son catch of the year. Roger Clemens and his son Koby taking to the green at constellation field for a little warm-up and batting practice before tomorrow night's Skeeters game against the Long Island Ducks.


Koby just signed with the Skeeters and will be catching for his father tomorrow and while it's not the first time these two have shared the field, it could be the last time for awhile. The Astros are scouting roger tomorrow night and if things go well, these two could be playing future games across town from one another.


"You know, we've talked about what signs we're doing with men on base," Koby Clemens said. "Hopefully no one gets on base, but with the strategy of what we're trying to do, it's going to be fun and I'm just going to try and play like it's any other game."


"I've obviously thrown to him a lot, he's caught me a lot," father Roger said. "A lot of my sides, Koby's caught a lot of big league pitchers who come over to the house in the off season too."


So if you want to see these two in action, tomorrow is the night. After that is anybody's guess.

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