Michigan school to bring back Sex Education

Spring Break

Having "the talk" can be a little weird. It's even more weird when you have the talk at school.

The Lansing School District in Michigan hasn't had sex education in three years, but they're talking about bringing them back.

An advisory board was put together to discuss the proposed curriculum. Elementary students would be taught about abstinence and anatomy through a program called, "Puberty: The Wonder Years."

Eighth graders would get a little more, like how condoms work and how they don't work. Experts say it's important for them to understand these things so they can be better prepared.

Of course, if parents aren't comfortable with any of this, they have the option to opt out completely.

More meetings will be held to see if the new curriculum should be approved. If it is, sex education classes would start in the spring.

Talk about good timing...just in time for Spring Break!

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