FEMA's $5 million for Ike-damaged Dike Repairs

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TEXAS CITY, Texas (AP) - Nearly $5 million in federal funds will help pay for repairs to a Hurricane Ike-damaged dike in Texas City.

Mayor Matt Doyle says the city commission on Wednesday is expected to discuss a contract with an engineering firm.

Texas City and Galveston County face figuring out how to pay for the overall repair job, estimated at $11.3 million, pending 13 months after Ike slammed the Galveston area.

Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman Brad Craine said FEMA awarded $4.5 million to repair an associated road and embankment.

Some funds will pay for repairs to five boat ramps, including the Sansom-Yarbrough ramp. A Texas Parks and Wildlife Department survey found that ramp, handling 7 percent of all the boats launched in Galveston Bay, was the busiest on the state's coast before Ike.

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