Windows 7 Debuts

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Thursday kind of felt like New Years Eve. You could hear "3...2...1" in Japan, New York and Houston. It's a countdown that could have stopped at seven.

Windows 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft is here. It's the first since Vista in 2007.

Texas Southern University held a launch party for "7". Microsoft gave TSU over $300,000 of free software.

"It's a very big deal," TSU Chief Information Officer, Billy Rector, said.

Students got a first look at some of the features, such as an enhanced taskbar that lets you preview files and a media player more suitable for HD.

Student Jeremy Frazier likes a feature called "snap" that lets you view pages side by side.

"I'm gonna be here for a while, I'm enjoying myself," Frazier said.

The TSU event was just one of many in the Houston area.

Eric Keown and Hank Greer expect nearly 100 people at the Coffee Groundz in midtown for their launch party Thursday night. Their e-vite on is getting response and Windows 7 is getting high marks.

"My favorite part is the speed, it's easy to install you don't have to babysit," Greer said.

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