Convicted Sex Offender Wayne Files is Facing New Charges, Previous Victims Face Him in Court

A convicted sex offender suspected in a handful of new cases is now charged with two new felony counts against a young victim. Wayne Files was in court Wednesday to ask for a bond reduction.

Three women who say they were molested by Wayne Files were in tears in the courtroom. It was the first time they saw him face to face in years. They say they don't want him to have any more victims. Files told the judge he's innocent by entering a not guilty plea.

"I hope they put him away and throw away the keys this time,” Files’ ex-wife Katherine Files said. “Ten years didn't break him." Files spent 10 years in prison. Lebanon police say he was convicted in 1991 of forcible sodomy. Police say his grandchildren were the victims. "They've been through misery," Katherine Files said.

"I don't want him to know how much he affected my life but I do want him to know that I'm here until he is where he needs to be," Faith Lampe said. She says that place is prison. Her grandmother, Katherine Files, says she divorced her husband of 14-years in 1996. “They asked me if I knew,” Katherine Files said. “If I knew he was doing that, they would not have had to arrest him."

Since his release from prison, police say Files is the suspect in five investigations that have not led to formal charges. Prosecutors filed one new felony count against him last week, and a second count during a hearing Wednesday. He is accused of forcing a young girl to touch him and exposing himself to her. "He shouldn't have had a chance to do this to anybody else, ever," Lampe said.

Lampe’s family members filled the courtroom to hear if a judge would reduce his bond. "Matter of fact I don't want him out – period,” Katherine Files said. “Don't reduce that bond."

The judge didn't reduce the bond. Instead, he raised it to $250,000. Lampe says she worries a bondsman will post bail for Files. "He is probably going to go out and find another innocent child,” Lampe said.

During Wednesday's hearing, Files' attorney withdrew a request to lower the bond amount.

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