Springfield Cardinals GM Matt Gifford taking another shot at the Nationwide Tour

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Springfield, MO – For more than two decades, The Price Cutter Charity Championship Presented by Dr Pepper has helped support dozens of children’s charities in southwest Missouri. For the second year, the tournament will tap into an unexpected source of funds: Matt Gifford.

Matt Gifford, Vice President/General Manager of the Springfield Cardinals, has been invited to play in the 2012 Price Cutter Charity Championship Presented by Dr Pepper in order to help raise funds and awareness for children’s charities.

They didn’t invite him back because he’s any good, of course. By his own admission, Matt is not the best golfer in town. He is a professional among athletes, not a professional athlete. His game is fundraising, and he is honored to be able to play among such amazing golfers to do this. You can help him (and local kids) by becoming a part of Giff’s Gallery.

Last year, Matt earned more than $20,000 for area children’s charities (and had a lot of fun). Did he do it by being a great golfer? Nope! He did it with a bit of creativity and the support of people like you. For example, you can make a set donation to help Matt raise money for kids but why not make it interesting and pledge per hole or per shot?

Matt is guaranteed to play 36 holes- but- he could make the cut and play the whole weekend (Let’s be realistic, though. It’s going to be 36 holes. He’s not that good). So if you pledge $2 per hole and he plays 36, you’ve just spent $72 to help 38 local children’s charities. Where else can you get a bargain like that? Or, he could play for four days, in which case you’ve paid $144 to help dozens of children’s charities, and witness one of the most unexpected feats in the history of the Nationwide Tour.

You can also pledge per shot. Will Matt shoot a 70 or a 90…or both? Sure, a two-day total of 160 won’t make the cut for the finals but if you pledged just 50 cents per shot, that would mean $80 for the kids. If you prefer, base your donation on pars, birdies, bogeys or even a hole in one (we strongly recommend the bogey).

And, this year you can pledge Matt vs. Matt. Allow us to explain: last year, Matt scored 174. Do you think he’ll do better in 2012? Why not add a bonus amount as an incentive?

Whatever option you choose, Matt is grateful for your support, and humbled by the incredible players he’ll be joining on the course this year.

But you don’t just get the satisfaction of helping a great cause when you become a part of Giff’s Gallery. Each donation includes two free passes to the event so you can come cheer for Matt and the great players of the Price Cutter Charity Championship Presented by Dr Pepper.

For more details on how you can contribute and be a part of Matt’s quest, please visit www.giffsgallery.org.

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