Los Angeles Times

Nicholas R. Wilkins

Nicholas R. Wilkins, 27 of West Mineral, KS, was arrested for DWI and Delivery of a Controlled Substance into County Jail at 7th and Winfield and the Jasper County Detention Center in Jasper County. Deputy performed a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving on a bare rim; it was unable to maintain its lane and was shooting sparks from the rim. Deputy could smell a strong odor of intoxicants coming from Wilkins, the driver. Once at the jail, a baggie with a white granular substance was located in Wilkins jeans, which tested positive for meth. Wilkins shoes and socks weren¿t on him (he had removed them by foot during transport) and a check of the patrol vehicle found a used empty syringe in one of the socks.Jasper County Sheriff's Dept.