What's Going Around: Strep throat

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Last week we talked about an increase in the number of people coming in to doctor's offices with sore throats.

Now, offices are not only seeing sore throats and congestion associated with allergies, but some of the cases are strep throat.

That’s What’s Going Around this week.

How do you know if it's strep?

The first sign other than a sore throat is spots in the back of the throat.

But seeing spots like this doesn't always mean it's strep.

It could be other viruses like mono, that's why health officials say it's important to look at the symptoms.

“If they've got that and also the fever a lot of times when strep hasn't been treated for a couple of days we will see more spots in the back of the throat, more intense fever and more intense headaches and other symptoms,” explains Cindy Hollis with the Ozarks Community Hospital. “That leads us to believe this isn't a typical viral sore throat.”

Health officials say that's a good sign that it's probably a bacterial infection, which does cause strep.

The best thing to do is go to your doctor.

If they suspect strep you will take a rapid strep test which will determine if in fact your sore throat is strep.

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