Batmanning becomes new Internet craze

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SAN DIEGO -- The latest craze to hit the Internet is called "Batmanning."


First it was planking - where you lay face down with your hands by your side while your friend takes your picture.  Even Chargers players were captured in the plank position, but that was so early 2011.


"Batmanning" was first seen by Michael Keaton's character in Tim Burton's Batman.  


Now, people are posting video of people hanging by their feet in random places on internet sites such

as YouTube.


At Purdue University the "Batman Boilers"  as they call themselves have taken 

the art of  hanging upside down to the extreme.  Their YouTube video now

has over  800,000 views. They've turned the Purdue campus into one giant bat cave.


"It's not my cup of tea," Tiffany Barton said.  


You should not try this at home or anywhere. Planking and Batmanning  can

be dangerous.


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