Bowl Season in San Diego heats up

Poinsettia Bowl

SAN DIEGO -There was football on the field at Snapdragon Stadium but it wasn’t the chargers playing on Wednesday night. It was San Diego’s Poinsettia Bowl between TCU and Louisiana Tech.

The crowd may have been a little small during the game, still many fans battled in the stands like the players on the field.  Some fans saw the bowl game as personal, as many of the players weren’t just part of the team, they were family.

“I so want my team to take this win,” said Lynn Rodd from Ruston, Louisiana.  She and her family were routing for her grandson to take the win.

The ladies are on the Louisiana side of the stadium but while watching this game  not everyone was friendly to them.  Just seats away at the Poinsettia Bowl, a group of TCU fans were sitting and watching their every move and countering those cheers.

“I know TCU is the better team and we just play football much better,” said Ronnie Percopulus from Dallas, Texas.  Her TCU group wasn’t alone; the other side of Snapdragon was nothing but a sea of purple with a cheering and shouting match challenging the other side.

For many of these fans this was their first time in America’s finest city.  Hotels, restaurants all saw a perk in sales during the pre-game countdown.  Now businesses are hoping these fans come back to spend more cash whether it’s another game on the field or they just want a break from winter around the country, and it appears they might just book that return flight.

The final score by the way was TCU 31 and LA Tech 24.

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