Ross Shimabuku - Sports Anchor

Ross Shimabuku joined Fox 5 San Diego in May 2009. Despite being born and raised in Hawaii, Shimabuku is not Hawaiian -- he doesn't even surf! Prior to working at Fox 5 San Diego, Shimabuku was the weeknight sports anchor at KTVK in Phoenix. He spent 8 years in the Valley of the Sun and was fortunate to cover the Arizona Diamondbacks World Series Championship and two Super Bowls. Shimabuku got his start in TV in Hawaii.

Prior to that, he had the pleasure of driving himself crazy being an accountant. He analyzed worksheets and punched his 10-key day after day until he finally became a CPA. That made his parents proud but his life was still unfulfilled, so he followed his heart into sports. He vows never to do accounting again, so don't bother asking him during tax time.

Shimabuku is the youngest of five children and despite what his siblings say, he is not adopted. In his spare time, Shimabuku loves to eat chocolate, work out and sleep. He is a 1993 graduate of Arizona State University with an accounting degree, which is currently gathering dust back in the Islands.

You Asked......

What's on your iPod?

Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson, old school hip hop and vocal house!

Which professional sport would you play and why?

Pro surfer because I can't surf or pro beach volleyball player because that would mean I'd be much taller than 5'7".

If you were not in TV news, what profession would you choose?

Pro surfer or pro beach volleyball player. Reference #2 plus those guys get to travel the world and always appear to be in excellent shape.

What's something that no one knows about you?

I have TV anxiety! I get nervous being on air, I fear sharks and eat peanut M@M's on a nightly basis.

Dinner for 5, who would you invite? (Dead or alive)

Blige, David Letterman, Vin Scully, Oprah and Daniel Tosh(favorite comedian).

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