San Diego Film Festival celebrates 10th anniversary

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Film Festival rolled out the red carpet Wednesday at the Gaslamp 15 Theater in San Diego to kick off its 10th anniversary in style.

"It was a much smaller festival ten years ago. The caliber of films has improved each year, the number of guests we have also improved," said founder Robin Laatz. "The number of directors and actors that come to town also gets bigger every year."

It's a five day, five night star filled celebration with red carpet parties. The festival over the next four days will feature over 75 films. The first night had the camera's flashing as the stars of the first feature film "50/50" stood on the red carpet.

Writer Will Reiser, whose battle with cancer inspired the movie, talked about his friendship with actor Seth Rogen and how that played a part in the movie.

"Six years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Seth Rogen is was one of my best friends, for a long time," said Reiser. "He went through this with me. We found that are situation has never been depicted in a movie. We are comedy writers and we always find the humor in the absurdity of it. Seth pushed me to write a movie about it."

Past actors to walk the San Diego Film Festival red carpet include Joaquin Phoenix, James Woods, and Jesse Eisenberg. The San Diego Film Festival runs through Sunday.

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