"Visia" Facial Computer System


Allie Mac Kay was live in Beverly Hills showing us what are true age is with a machine called The Visia.

We can hide a lot with make up and products....but deep down - sun damage, wrinkles - all the stuff we're trying to hide.

Dr. Simon Ourian will show us a machine - The "Visia" Computerized System which performs First Objective Complexion Analysis Report Of Wrinkles, Pore Size, Acne, Age Spots & More. The system is used to takes a series of specialized digital photos, analyzes six different skin factors and makes treatment recommendations.

The "Visia" is a computerized imaging and analysis system that can digitally measure a person's facial condition including sun damage, pre-acne, amount & depth of wrinkles, a total of six critical factors that can affect how old or young you may appear. The Visia system then prints out a completer full color report with six different images (UV photo of the face, wrinkle analysis, etc.) of your skin's current condition and lists any needed treatments or procedures that would improve the skin.

The system "maps" your face and grades the data relative to others of the same sex, age and ethnicity. The Visia also provides a multi-page "Complexion Analysis Report" that includes full-color photos depicting the person's face with analysis of each of the six factors measured including wrinkles, spots, texture, UV damage, pore size and "porphryins", which are a byproduct of the bacteria that contribute to the development of acne.

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