L.A. Sheriff Baca Testifies at Hearing on Radical Muslims

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- As LA Sheriff Lee Baca testified today at Congressman Peter King's (Rep. NY) Washington hearings regarding American Muslim 'radicalization,' Baca brought with him a history of cooperation with the Los Angeles-area Muslim community.

A glance at the L.A. Sheriffs web site reveals that Sheriff Baca in the past initiated a Muslim Outreach program through the department's Public Trust Policing system, to better address current issues facing the Muslim community such as hate crimes and discrimination.

Under Sheriff Baca, The Muslim Community Affairs unit was established in August 2007 to develop an outreach program for the Muslim Community in Los Angeles County. The unit was designed to complement the efforts of the Muslim American Homeland Security Congress which was created by Sheriff Baca in July 2005.

The Muslim Community Affairs Unit is managed by the Muslim Sheriff's Department. The unit includes a training program for the Muslim community on law enforcement issues such as hate crimes, domestic violence, gangs and identity theft. A Young Muslim American Leaders Group (YMALG) was also developed, for engagement and education of young Muslim professionals in the Los Angeles area.

Activities of the young Muslim professionals through the program are jail tours, recruitment activities, ride-alongs in department helicopters and tours of patrol stations. These programs further embrace the Sheriff's Department mission of Public Trust Policing.

Baca's Muslim Community Affairs unit also trains department members about Islam and Muslim culture, customs, and beliefs.

Sheriffs encourage those interested in more information about the Sheriff Baca's Muslim Outreach program to contact Sergeant Mike Abdeen at (323) 243-9762 or Deputy Sherif Morsi at (323) 980-2291.

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