Beauty Fixes on a Budget


Matrix RF Treatment with the eMatrix Machine

  • The eMatrix machine performs the Matrix RF treatment, which is the very latest treatment skin rejuvenation.  A tightening and resurfacing treatment perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of each individual patient with minimal to no downtime, which produces fabulous, natural looking results.  *** This may be a good alternative to a surgical face lift for some patients, saving them thousands of dollars, not to mention little to no recovery time.
  • Because it uses radio frequency only, Matrix RF is the first treatment of its kind clinically proven to be safe on darker African American and ethnic skin tones, which were previously untreatable until now.  
  • Matrix RF is unique in that it allows the doctor complete control over the power and depth of the treatment to achieve the desired results for each individual patient - whether smoothing out fine lines and evening skin tone or treating deep wrinkles and resurfacing the skin by promoting deep collagen renewal.  
  • The eMatrix Machine is portable, and therefore can do house calls!  

Another example of a brand new "budget" beauty treatment is the VelaShape - also by Syneron, developers of the eMatrix - which is an exciting alternative to liposuction for some patients

*  This is the perfect treatment for patients with stubborn pockets of fat who are looking for an alternative to invasive and expensive liposuction procedures.  

*  VelaShape is the first FDA approved, noninvasive treatment for patients seeking to reduce the appearance of cellulite and decrease circumference.  

*  VelaShape™ uses the revolutionary el?s™ combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage to effectively reshape and smooth the treated area.  

*  In previous clinical studies, patients saw an average loss of 1 inch on the thigh, 2 inches on the butt and nearly 3 inches in the abdomen in only 5 weekly treatments.
 HOW TO FIND A GOOD SKIN DOCTOR:To check if a doctor is board-certified in dermatology or plastic surgery call the American Board of Medical Specialties 866-275-2267Look up your regional medical board at  Anthony Griffin MD FACS
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