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Allie Mac Kay becomes an honorary Chico’s Angel and gives us a preview of their new show.


Join in all the prison fun as the south of the border hotties, Chico’s Angels return to the stage with episode #3: Chicas In Chains this July 26- Aug 12, 2012.


After a high school streetwalker is killed in a string of murders, Chico’s Angels are hired to go undercover to find a witness at a local prep school.  But the Angels don't realize they've gotten so deep in the case that they end up in jail.   The show opens July 26, 2012.  Shows are Thursday thru Sunday. Tickets on sale at


The show has three beautiful and comedic Latina drag queens as the leads: Kay Sedia, Chita Parol & Frieda Laye - Who work for pennies for their unseen boss. Think of the 70s series, Charlie's Angels starring a Latino Three Stooges in drag.


Actor, Ross Willett has joined the cast of Chico’s Angels as this year’s HOTTIE male co-star!


Chico’s Angels is celebrating their 9th year on stage and on Wednesday, July 25th, the cast of Chico’s Angels will have a special performance to celebrate their 9th Anniversary.


Be sure to check out Chico's Angels web cases online!  Currently running are three original mini-episodes to be seen exclusively on their website at  Also on the site one can find everything about these captivating detectives; weekly-updated Angel blogs, Angel bios, hot videos, on-fire merchandise, and ability to buy tickets for the summer stage show. 

These Latina sex goddesses have been an underground cult hit in Los Angeles with their stage version of the series for the last nine years, which they have also performed in Las Vegas and San Diego.


Chico’s Angels was nominated for a 2010 Weho Award. 


Chico’s Angels: Chicas in Chains is directed by Kurt Koehler.  The show was co-created and co-written by Oscar Quintero and Kurt Koehler.




Cavern Club Theater inside:

Casita Del Campo Restaurant
1920 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles (Silverlake), CA 90027

Tickets sold at:



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