Family of Crash Victim Speaks Out

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ROSEVILLE-- 'Where one was, the other was too, where Travis was (even) Chris' best man,' said Linda Warn about her son Chris Baker and his friendship with his boss Travis Barker, former drummer for Blink 182. Baker's parents said the two shared friendship, work, and a passion for cars. But this weekend Baker and Barker were involved in tragedy. A plane crash in South Carolina killed four people including Baker... Barker and celebrity DJ Adam Goldstein are hospitalized in critical, but stable condition. Doctors expect them to fully recover.

Officials say the crew thought a tire blew during take-off and tried to abort the flight, but the plane skidded off the runway. The charter jet was bound for Van Nuys. Authorities say they aren't ruling out other factors, including whether the aircraft was possibly overloaded.

'We're looking at how much fuel is on board, how many passengers are on board, luggage, seating positions, things like that,' said Debbie Hersman, spokeswoman for the National Transportation Safety Board.

The two musicians had just performed at a concert in Columbia. The grief has since extended to the Southland. Outside the L.A. boutique owned by Barker-- The Fast Life-- fans arranged a memorial of flowers and cards honoring the victims.

Meanwhile, Baker's parents, who spoke from their Roseville home, recalled how their son had met Barker in L.A., oblivious to his rock star status.

'He was pumping gas and a young man pulled in with a beautiful car but it was dirty and Chris just handed him a card and said 'you need to hire me 'cause your car needs me,' said Linda Warn.

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