Family Tossed Off JetBlue Flight for 2-Year-Old's Tantrum

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BOSTON (KTLA) - A vacationing Rhode Island family was thrown off a recent Jet Blue flight to Boston after their two year-old misbehaved.

Dr. Colette Vieau, her husband, and their daughters Cecelia and Natalie were trying to fly back to Boston from a vacation in Turks and Caicos when Natalie, age 2, refused to sit down.

Her parents got her seat belt fastened and held her in place, but the family was kicked off the flight anyway.

Dr. Vieau described her interaction with the flight attendant over her daughters' behavior. "We were holding them down with all of our might, seat belt on. And I said, 'We have them seated. Can we go now?' She said the pilot made a decision to turn the plane around," Vieau said.

The airline said in a statement, "Flight 850 had customers that did not comply with crew member instructions for a prolonged time period. The Captain elected to remove the customers involved for the safety of all customers and crew members on board."

But Dr. Vieau insists, "We did what we were asked to do. We weren't belligerent, drunk, angry or screaming. We were just having a hard time struggling with our children."

With no other flights that night the family was stranded. After finding a hotel and re-booking their flights, the changes cost them an additional $2,000.

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