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LOS ANGELES -- It's a fantasy for millions of weight watchers: What if you could take your unwanted fat, and put it...somewhere else?

Now that fantasy has truly become reality. Our KTLA News Health Correspondent Leila Feinstein took a trip into Beverly Hills for another KTLA News exclusive, and a peek behind the closed doors of one cosmetic surgeon's office, for some amazing cutting-edge science in 'weight re-distribution.'

Victoria Rowe is a Hollywood makeup artist, applying her art every day onto the faces of the most beautiful people in the world. But now -- at age 42 -- Victoria's not feeling quite so beautiful herself.

"You know what's funny?" Victoria tells Leila Feinstein. "As I get older, my clients get younger. I have a girl in "Twilight." Her skin is so perfect, and she's like, 'I don't really like makeup.' And I think 'Oh, my god!'"

So Victoria has come to the offices of Dr. Andre Berger, hoping for some help in that problem 'saddlebag' hip-and-thigh area we all have.

Dr. Berger is planning to 'harvest' some of Victoria's unwanted fat -- then transfer it to her face!

"We take it in this case today from somebody's extra big saddlebag, which is aesthetically not pleasing," Dr. Berger explains, "And we move it to her face, to give her a more youthful version of herself."

Victoria's the first to admit: she's tired...of looking tired!

"I just want to look like myself," Victoria says, "and not look at a photo and go 'Wow, what happened?'"

Dr. Berger says he's seen great successes, using his patients' own fat to plump the face. "Volumizing the face with fat is the ultimate best way to improve and restore three-dimensionality and youthful beauty to the face," Dr. Berger explains.

Dr. Berger begins by harvesting fat from both of Victoria's problem 'saddlebag' areas.She's awake and on just local anesthetic for the whole procedure.

Victoria's harvested fat gets mixed with her blood, then refined in a centrifuge to enhance the plasma-rich proteins. They provide what amounts to kind of a 'personal potting soil' for the fat transfer.

Then Dr. Berger identifies the target areas to plump and rejuvenate Victoria's face. He says she'll experience only minor temporary bruising, and unlike Botox or some other fillers, the benefits she'll realize could last for years.

KTLA News caught up with Victoria two weeks after her procedure, and she was thrilled with the results.

"It's amazing," Victoria exclaims. "So soft and beautiful. It just looks like me 10 or 15 years ago. This is that ultimate fat recycling, you know?"

And Victoria receives another residual benefit: less 'baggage' now in those saddlebag areas on her hips and thighs.

Dr. Berger points out that since it's your own fat being used in the transfer, there's no possibility of a negative reaction or rejection in the procedure. For much more on Dr. Berger's cutting-edge science, just click on to this link:

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