Sea Weed: 160 Bales of Pot Found Floating Off Dana Point

U.S. Coast GuardPoint Harbor

DANA POINT, Calif. (KTLA) -- An estimated four tons of marijuana were found floating in the waters off the coast of Orange County over the weekend.

The first call about the pot came in around noon on Sunday. The bales were found bobbing in the water about 13 miles from shore.

Some 160 bales were recovered by the Orange County Sheriff's Department and the Coast Guard.

Now, authorities are trying to determine where the marijuana came from.

The bales were free floating and not connected to any boat in the area.

The drugs were taken to Dana Point Harbor and off-loaded.

"All of a sudden we show up (on) the dock here and there's a ship... They're unloading continuous amounts of marijuana," said boater Lonnie Charleson. "It's so quiet here. It's such a shock."

The investigation is ongoing.

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